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Your journey begins at our state-of-the-art dentist office in Denver.

K2 Dentistry: Where Quality
Meets Compassion

Welcome to the family-owned and operated dentist office in Denver that puts patients first. Our patients aren’t just a number of appointments to get through in a day, they’re our partners in achieving beautiful, lasting results that everyone can be happy about. We strive to give everyone the time and resources they need to achieve attractive, healthy teeth that they can’t stop smiling about.

Our patients put their trust in our team because each member gives their time and full attention to every appointment. Whether it’s a child who’s nervous about their first cleaning or a patient who can’t wait to discuss the difference cosmetic dentistry can make for their smile, our team is in it with you. Dr. Duraiz leads the way by delivering outstanding dental care grounded in honesty and integrity. He sets a standard of excellence by bringing not only his expertise, but his compassion, to K2 Dentistry.

Our clean, inviting office is everything modern dentistry should be. With a tablet check-in system to stay paperless, Netflix and beverages to boot, our patients can enjoy a dental office experience like they’ve never had before.

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Everyone Deserves
Excellent Care

We’re in the business of caring for people’s teeth, not pushing unnecessary treatments. Our patients trust that we’ll listen to and respect their concerns, talk through treatment plans with them, and ultimately, have their best interests at heart. K2 Dentistry is here to be a dental home to everyone who wants exceptional care from a dedicated team.

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Honesty Is
Our Policy

At K2 Dentistry, we want to do everything in our power to help you achieve a healthy smile. We’ll take the time to help you weigh the pros and cons of each treatment approach in order to make a decision. Our team’s expertise isn’t limited to dentistry; we excel in fostering lifelong relationships with our patients by maintaining open and honest communication.

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Our Denver dentist office is equipped with industry-leading technology to make treatment, and your overall experience, as efficient and comfortable as possible. From digital imaging to hand-held X-rays, our dental team utilizes advanced technology in order to provide the most accurate diagnoses and develop specialized treatment plans for each patient.

K2 Dentistry in Denver CO

Emergency Care

When dental emergencies happen, it can be hard to determine what to do next. The K2 Dentistry team is here to help. Our patients can get in touch with us during or after clinic hours by calling 720-677-6160. Depending on the state of the emergency, we will help you determine the best course of action. Teledentistry is an option available to patients upon request or we will get you in to see a dentist as soon as possible if that is the best option.